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It is with great sadness that on Monday 1 June 2020 we learned of costume designer Layla Griffin’s passing, after her ordeal battling a devastating cancer.

Layla was a very special multi-talented person whose energy, enthusiasm and down to earth approach to life and particularly the fashion and film world was inspiriting, always smiling, her wry sense of humour was infectious.

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A beautiful kind-hearted person who understood the importance of how clothes make you feel, she regularly gifted choice vintage items to the collection. She was also a passionate and unrelenting supporter of the Horse Hospital, and even when she was quite ill she was writing to production companies demanding they show us support in saving the building. In fact, earlier on this year The Metro wrote an article about her career and she chose to be photographed among the clothes she so loved at Contemporary Wardrobe for the piece. It’s a fascinating insight into the workings of a costume designer and really amplifies her stolid approach to her craft. You can read it here…

It is so unbelievably unfair that she was taken while in the prime of her life and not able to see her two small children grow up.

She left a lasting impression on all who met her and will be sadly missed by all who loved her…

Roger & Izabel Burton


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Image: Knockabout Comics

Image: Knockabout Comics

There’s not another venue like it on the planet.

The Horse Hospital, crouched there in Bloomsbury on Colonnade’s chopped-off corner since the 18th century, engulfs the visitor on entry in its cask-aged atmospherics, otherworldly and unique. Adjusting psychologically to gentle gradients where stairs had been expected, a bipedal modern clientele descends into the building’s clattering history amongst the steaming ghosts of carriage-horses, tired and worn out, hackneyed, to an exhibition and performance space that is anything but.

Anachronistic and outside of time, steeped in a hundred years of horseflesh with the past only a layer of paint away, the structure is a foundry where futurity is smelted; wherein artists and performers at the razor edge of their respective disciplines display their snorting steeds before an audience eager to examine teeth and study form.

The roster of talents associated with the place is an essential résumé of counterculture, both English and global, with all this surmounted by the most exciting archive of modern street-fashion anywhere in London. Boiling everything electrifying in the city’s subterranean culture down to an exquisite bouillon, the Horse Hospital is an enormously important strand in the artistic fabric of our current century that must not be cut short, a redbrick Pegasus for which the knacker’s yard must surely be unthinkable.

In a society where all humane and beautiful alternatives are being systematically removed, evaporating from the map, it’s vitally important that we fight for, and stand up for, every inch.

Defend the Horse Hospital, so that it can take in all our hobbling and footsore arts, to make them fit and well.

Alan Moore, March 2020


Providing space for underground and avantgarde media since 1993.

Built in 1797 as stabling for cabby’s sick horses, The Horse Hospital is now a unique Grade II listed arts venue situated in an unspoilt mews in the heart of Bloomsbury.


The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 1JD

+44 (0)207 833 3644

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Available to hire an an arts venue, screening room or gallery space.

Hire by the evening, day, week or month. We offer seating for up to one hundred people, with a comfortable standing capacity (no seats) of around one hundred and fifty. 



We are seeking support for our ongoing programming – all donations welcome!

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